In no particular sensible order

Coding, Software & Application Design

Distributed Information Systems


Warfighting strategy & Tactics

Repeating Lessons: The same lessons (mobility, attack comms & logistics, intelligence, etc) are retold time and again in different forms, probably to fit the language and technology of contemporary operations. Perhaps a term such as ‘strategies of stratagies’…

Classics: Ceasar’s wossname

Clausewitz “On war”

Creveld “Command in War”

Moltke  “Selected Writings”

Fuller “The Reformation of War”

Gubbins “SOE’s Partisan Leader’s Handbook” (eg scribd), “Art of Guerrilla warfare”

Gardening & state violence

Machievelli’s letter to the prince

Learning to eat soup with a knife

Rupert Smith: The utility of force

The Accidental Guerrilla

Politics & Power in Kandahar

fixing intel – a blueprint for making int relevant


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